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Meet the AUTHOR

Drea Diane was born and raised in New Orleans, La. She grew up in a city that is rich with love, music, great food, culture but also surrounded with poverty. She has a heart to serve and loves giving back. She completed her MBA in Accounting in 2013 with a background of 23 years in the financial industry. That includes 17 years in the credit union arena and 6 years in the non-profit sector. In September of 2020, she became certified as an Accredited Financial Counselor.  She is a firm believer that her purpose is to make an impact daily in someone’s life. She has worked as a bank teller, personal banker, assistant Branch manager, worked in Business Development, an underwriter, and has sat on the Chambers of Commerce in Southlake, TX. She also specializes in Small Business and financial literacy and consulting. Her mission is to provide as many families as possible with an understanding and the importance of Financial Literacy. To help start-ups and rising Entrepreneurs find their purpose and Niche within their goal and mission.  

She is a firm believer that if we educate ourselves, apply what’s being taught, and remain dedicated to the end goal, it will begin the journey to financial freedom. When you apply pressure to your goals, you have the power to create generational wealth and break generational curses. 


Perseverance + Purpose = Progression 

Parallel Lines



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